If you would like to donate to a fund to help the Griener’s cover the medical costs of chemo and the stem cell transplant there are three ways to donate.

1. Deposit money at the Bank of American Fork.  The account name is: Fund for Stephen Griener.  Make a check out to ‘Fund for Stephen Griener’  and on the back of the check write ‘for deposit only.’  Then mail the check directly to the bank at Bank of American Fork, 113 South Main Street, Alpine, Utah 84004 or mail it to the Griener’s directly at 481 Eastview Drive, Alpine, UT 84004.

2. Donate through PayPal by  CLICKING HERE or by going to and click ‘send money’.  The email address of the account is ‘’  Be sure to select ‘Friends and Family’  when asked what your payment is for.   You need to have, or create, a paypal account to use this option.

3. If you are from the states of Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina, or Utah, you can donate online at  Wingcash currently is only available in these states for personal accounts.  You will need to have, or create, a wingcash account to use this option.



2 Responses to Donations

  1. Phil Merrell says:

    Howdy! I heard from my son that you needed some, a little, money for your sweet son. I just sent a little from our PayPal account. However, I didn’t see a “Friends and Family” section, until I had already sent the money. Hope you get it and that it is tax deductible.
    Our family had been struck a terrible blow, as well, as my loving wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a most aggressive form that threatened her life many, many times. The financial burden is very taxing, (we still owe around $30k after five years!), but the gospel is true, and that is really all that matters in this life, short as it is. Hang in there, Stephen, as well as your mother is an example to today’s Strippling Warriors.
    We love you and your family, and will continue to send small amounts to your account on occasion.
    The Phil and Kristen Merrell Family

  2. Jeff and Jane, I know how difficult this can be emotionally ~ the financial burden just seems to kick you when you’re already down. I am happy that I can help, even just in my small way through paypal, and I send you and your family all my love and positive energy as well. XOXO and I’ll be touch!

    Cindy Fullmer Barkley

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