Fasting and Prayer

We would like to invite any who can, to join with us in fasting for Stephen this Sunday.  Stephen’s Hodgkin Lymphoma is very aggressive and very resistant to treatment.  We received the results from the scans following his tandem stem cell transplant and while the cancer was gone from most of his body, there was still significant cancer in his chest.  The next step is to try a transplant using cells that are not his own.   Our older kids have been tested and are not a match for him.  We are waiting to see if Nate or Josh will be a match to donate cells.  We will know in a few days.  If they are not, he will have the transplant using umbilical chord cells.  While waiting for these tests, they gave Stephen a round of chemo therapy to keep the cancer from spreading.  We will know if this is working in 2 weeks.  If it is working, he will receive another round of chemo so that he can be home for Christmas.  He will go in the hospital the first week of January to start the transplant treatment.  If the chemo therapy is not working, he will go immediately in for the transplant procedure around December 15th.    Although the odds are small, there is still a chance of a cure.  We know that regardless of statistics, God is able to do all things.  When I asked Stephen what he would like to ask people to fast for he said, that the Doctors will be guided to make the right choices in his treatment, that the treatments will work, and that he can be tough.  Stephen is currently at LDS hospital being treated for what they think is an infection.  We are hopeful that he will come home on Sunday.  We want to thank all of you for your love and support and continual prayers.  We know that the Lord is aware of Stephen and our family as he is aware of all of you and your families.  We are so blessed the have you as part of our lives.    We know that through this process we can feel the peace and love of our Savior and can be strengthened to endure all that is necessary.

Love, The Griener Family

About Jane Griener

I am from SLC, UT. I grew up in a wonderful family in the south part of the Salt Lake valley. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I married my best friend, Jeff Griener when we were 21 years old. We have 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. I've had many adventures in business and life. Too many to tell about in a simple 'about you' spot. My life is centered around my family and they are the most important factor in my life. I like gardening, photography, cooking, knitting, graphic design and lots of other things. I speak a little spanish. Fall is my favorite season of the year, but I think having all 4 seasons is what makes me love fall so much. Religion plays a big roll in my life. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Striving to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and become a better person each day is my goal. Well, that is a bit 'about me!'
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6 Responses to Fasting and Prayer

  1. Doris Rasmussen says:

    We will be fasting for Stephen this Sunday.

    Dave and Doris Rasmussen

  2. Nikki says:

    We will be fasting and praying for you! We think of you often. You have been so tough throughout this. Continue to stay strong and keep your faith! There are a lot of people rooting for you! Love, the Xanthos family

  3. Joyce Robinson says:

    Our family will be fasting & praying for Stephen & your family. All of you are in our thoughts & prayers each day. Stephen is a wonderful example to us of faith & determination. We love you
    Joyce & Family

  4. Erika says:

    Thank you for inviting us to participate in your fast. Stephen and the rest of your family will be in our prayers tomorrow.

  5. Julie Brown says:

    We have been fasting for Stephen today. He is a great kid and all of your faith is an inspiration to us.

  6. Jane Griener says:

    Thanks everyone! Love to you all.

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