Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (& Radiation Every Day)

It looks like they last time my mom posted was just over a month ago. Wow, how time flies when your having fun, and driving to SLC every day for Radiation Treatments.
Stephen started his first radiation treatment around the 4th or 5th of September. He had treatment every morning at 10:30 for 3 weeks. Stephen and I would leave Alpine around 9:45 and drive up to LDS Hospital. As soon as we got there they would take Stephen back for his treatment. Stephen said he would go back to a room where he would take his shirt off and lay down on a table. Before he started Radiation, they had tattooed a few little dots on his body so that they could quickly line him up with all of the machines each day. Using his tats as well as some lasers that were mounted on the walls of the room, the nurse would make sure he was in the right spot, and then she would leave the room. At that point they turned on the Radiation machine. It would ‘zap’ him for a few seconds from above the table, and then it rotated underneath the table and ‘zap’ him from behind as well.

After about 15 minutes he would come walking out and say something along the lines of, “Ok Sarah, what should we do with the rest of our day?!” Luckily, the treatments didn’t seem to affect him negatively. His doctor anticipated this, and said if he were to have any symptoms they would possibly be a little nausea as well as compounded fatigue.

Stephen and I always tried to find SOMETHING to do while we were downtown. He figured we were already there, so we might as well get out and about. We tried a few new restaurants down town, visited Grandma and Grandpa McGuire, hung out with our cousin Melissa and her little boy Carter, went to the State Fair to visit our cousins Sammy and Nicole and see the goats they were showing in the fair, went to Maddox and the Brigham City temple open house, and even went golfing a few times. (Stephen has taken it up on himself to teach me how to golf.)

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His last treatment was on the 18th. A few days before that, Stephen spent a couple of nights at our grandparents house in Cottonwood Heights because almost everyone at home had come down with a nasty cold. He seemed to be getting a little bit of the same cold, and so while we were at the hospital for Radiation, we headed up to the BMT clinic to have them look him over and make sure everything was ok.

Because all of the patients up there are so high risk, they didn’t want him in the clinic around the other immune-compromised patients. They sent us to a room on the floor where he had been for his transplants. These rooms are the ones with the special ventilation systems to make sure that no bugs can travel through the air to the other rooms. Any of the hospital staff that came into the room took extreme precautions so they wouldn’t get anyone else sick. They all had on gowns, masks, and gloves. A respiratory therapist came in and took a mucus sample and then we were sent on our merry way. Who knew that asking about a cold could turn into such an ordeal!
Turns out he had Rhinitis… which is just a common cold, so he was told not to worry and just to take basic cold medication.

Since then he has gone in a couple times for his weekly appointment at the BMT Clinic. They are monitoring his adrenal gland, because they do not appear to be functioning at 100%. He is going to go see an Endocrinologist to check out his adrenal function. Until then he is taking a medication that helps keep his blood pressure high enough.

About two weeks ago Stephen started Physical Therapy again. They are working on helping him build back his muscle.  The Physical Therapists at the office Stephen goes to are his former football/baseball coach and a man from our home ward. Stephen loves them and says they have been so great to work with. Stephen is very interested in Physical Therapy, and is seriously considering it for his career choice. This past week he started an internship at the office and is excited to learn more from them.

His other accomplishments for the week include golfing 18 holes, helping his former room mate make a batman movie for a school project, going to the zoo, and going to his mission reunion!

Oh and how could I forget, he has been going to all of the BYU football games he can! He and Jennie got All Sports Passes so they have tickets to all of the home games. Because he cant go up and down the stadium stairs without getting tired, he gets sweet second row tickets every game! Sitting right behind the BYU basketball team no less.

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2 Responses to Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (& Radiation Every Day)

  1. Brent woodcock says:

    What a nice update. Looks like Stephan has a pretty good golf swing!

  2. Doris Rasmussen says:

    Sorry we weren’t able to go to the reunion. Our son was in town and we had tickets to the BYU game.

    Thanks for the update.

    Love you

    Dave and Doris Rasmussen

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