No news is Good news…

OK. Time for the lazy mom to post a long overdue blog.  Thankfully only good things have happened since I last posted.

Stephen ended up staying a few days longer in the hospital trying to increase the number of calories he could eat in a day and because he picked up the Hospital friend C-Diff (a common bacterial infection of the colon in hospitals)  Both stays he got that just when he was ready to leave.  He just has to take another antibiotic for 10 days (a $1000 antibiotic). It didn’t end up making him too sick.   He was released from the hospital on Friday August 10, 2012.  It was a great day.

The day he got home, Jared and Maria Jose came to visit.  It was so great to have our entire family together for a couple of days.

The first week he was home he struggled to eat still.  Who knew eating could be so much work.  His appetite and taste have continued to improve each day.  It is still a job but he is doing much better and things are starting to taste good.  It really bothered him that things didn’t taste like they were supposed to.

After a week he went back to the hospital to have blood tests and possibly to take our his central line.  He has had that little friend with him since March and he is ready for that symbol of treatment to be gone.  Unfortunately his blood pressure was 70 over 45 so they weren’t ready to take it out yet.  They gave him a couple of bags of fluid and sent him home to drink, drink, drink.  He went back Friday (2 days ago) .  His blood pressure was still about the same.  They gave him more fluids and his blood pressure didn’t change.  Now they are thinking that his Adrenal gland isn’t producing what is necessary to regulate blood pressure.  So they ran a few more tests and put him on some meds to help.  Then…they took out his central line! Hurray!  He was pretty excited about that.  They don’t sew up the hole because they need it to drain to insure that he doesn’t get infection trapped inside.  We’ve decided it will be another cool scar.  Right now, it looks like a bullet hole!

In the meantime, he’s a little sad that all his friends are headed back to college without him…including his little sister Jennie.  He know’s he’ll be there soon.  I have a feeling that as soon as he can, he’ll be frequenting college apartment complexes.

We are feeling happy and hopeful.  It feels great to be on this side of the treatment process.  Stephen will continue with appointments and check ups.  Monday is a review with the radiologist.  And life goes on…

Thanks for all your continued support and prayers!  Keep them up!  We want this cancer to be gone and to Stay GONE!

Here are a few photos of him…

trying to eat food.  checking out of the hospital.  his bullet hole. and other shots. (no pun intended)

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One Response to No news is Good news…

  1. Way to go Stephen!!!!! You inspire me! Keep going!

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