The end is in sight!


Stephen strikes a victory pose after finishing his walking for the day.

Could it be?  Could this be the last night in LDS Hospital?   It might be.  If Stephen has a good night and nothing weird happens, we will bring him home tomorrow.  It is hard to believe.

Stephen has spent the last week waiting for his blood counts to come back in and waiting for his mucositis to heal. His neutrophils came in really fast.  It made him a little achy and sick for a day or two.  His blood counts are really good now.  He has received platelets several times and blood a couple of times.  Things seem to be quite stable now.  If necessary he can come back and get more after going home.  He didn’t eat or drink anything for about a week because of the sores in his mouth and throat.  The last couple of days he has been drinking and eating a little food.  It still doesn’t taste good, but it is just something he has to do even though it isn’t yummy anymore.  He is off of his pain pump and only misses the meds when he wants to fall asleep quickly!

The main question that most people have for us is “When do you find out if it worked?”  He will get a scan around day 100 from his transplant.  (around the first of November)  Until then, he will be building his strength, stamina, growing hair, building back his immune system and otherwise recovering.  He still has a road ahead but the treatment is finished.  Time to recover.

I can’t really describe the mixed feelings  we have as we come to the end of his transplant treatment. We have spent the last year working towards, and working through this treatment.  It seems unreal that we could be finished.  Excited, hopeful, nervous, grateful, humble, wow!  Stephen has taken it one minute, one hour, one half day, one day, one week, one month, and one year at a time as needed.  We LOVE him and we pray with all our hearts that he never has to have chemotherapy or radiation again!

About Jane Griener

I am from SLC, UT. I grew up in a wonderful family in the south part of the Salt Lake valley. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I married my best friend, Jeff Griener when we were 21 years old. We have 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. I've had many adventures in business and life. Too many to tell about in a simple 'about you' spot. My life is centered around my family and they are the most important factor in my life. I like gardening, photography, cooking, knitting, graphic design and lots of other things. I speak a little spanish. Fall is my favorite season of the year, but I think having all 4 seasons is what makes me love fall so much. Religion plays a big roll in my life. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Striving to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and become a better person each day is my goal. Well, that is a bit 'about me!'
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One Response to The end is in sight!

  1. Doris Rasmussen says:

    Congratulations and we will be anxoius to hear the results in November.
    We are headed to Canada for my 50 th High School Reunion. This has been the summer of reunions as this makes number 4 now. The missionary one was the best though.
    Dave was made the Ward Mission Leader on Sunday so that will keep him busy. It will be fun to work with the full time missionaries again.

    Love you

    Dave and Doris Rasmussen

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