Day T-6, Radiation

Just a quick update…

We checked into the hospital Tuesday morning about 7:30 am.  They drew blood for labs, gave him some meds for nausea (not that he had any, but they were expecting it soon), and setup his room.  At 8:30 he headed down to floor 1 for his first TBI treatment.  When he got back he felt pretty good.  About an hour later he got really nauseated and tired.  He was feeling a touch better by 2:30 when the next treatment started.  It seems to be the same each time.  It makes him really tired and nauseated.  He mostly sleeps between treatments.  Radiation has made his skin feel like it is sunburned.  Part of the skin irritation is also the effect of the medicine they gave him to thicken the lining of the mouth and throat.  It helps to prevent mouth sores but it feels really miserable.  He always has a thick sticky feeling in his mouth.   Today was the same routine.  Radiation at 8:30 and 2:30.  He has 2 days down and one more day of radiation to go.  Everything seems to be going normal and there have been no surprises…we’ll take it!  Can’t wait to have TBI checked off our list of activities that he has done and will never have to do again!  Been there, done that.

PS  I have a feeling this stay is going to feel a lot longer than the last.  Nothing is new… so it feels like we never left the first time.  We feel like old friends here (which is good with the people) But there aren’t new things to learn about to pass the time and the procedures aren’t new and interesting.  It definitely has a ‘been there done that – what the heck am I doing back here’  feeling about it.   The good part…it isn’t stressful since we know the routine.  The bad part…we know what is coming.

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One Response to Day T-6, Radiation

  1. Kristen McGuore says:

    Glad it’s all going well! Keep it up, and hang in there!

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