One of the good things that comes from associating with someone who has cancer, is getting an education about that type of cancer.  I would highly recommend parents and college age students be familiar with Hodgkin Lymphoma.  It is a cancer that is common in late teens and early young adulthood.  This is one of the best sites to get information from.

All of the stories about Hodgkin’s Disease that I have read have one common theme…it took a long time to diagnose.  The reason being that the symptoms are similar to symptoms of  common illnesses.  Knowing the signs of Hodgkin’s is important for a diagnosis before the cancer progresses into a late stage.

On another note, I’ve had a lot of questions about Stephen’s radiation treatment.  The reason they do radiation, is to kill cancer cells that, for whatever reason, the chemotherapy isn’t getting to.   This is a good document that explains how TBI, or Total Body Irradiation, is done and what side effects to expect.

Finally, these are some interesting statistics that I’ve been wanting to share.  These are the statistics for Blood Malignancies in the year 2011.   The total cases shown are the number of new cases diagnosed in 2011, the deaths are from anyone with the disease regardless of how long they have had it.  As you can see, Hodgkin Lymphoma is not as common as other types of blood cancers.  It also has a cure rate of 96% for the nodular-sclerosing or ‘classic’ Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is the type that Stephen has.  We are ready to join that statistic!  One more dose of Kepivance(helps with mouth sores) Monday morning and then he will be admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning and get started with the TBI therapy.

Type of Cancer Total
Male Female Total Deaths Male Female
Lymphoma 75,190 40,880 34,310 20,620 10,510 10,110
Hodgkin’s Disease 8,830 4,820 4,010 1,300 760 540
66,360 36,030 30,300 19,320 9,750 9,570
Multiple myeloma 20,520 11,400 9,120 10,610 5,770 4,840
Leukaemia 44,600 25,320 19,280 21,780 12,740 9,030

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  1. Kristen McGuore says:

    Good Luck Stephen! I sure love you!

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