Building strength and enjoying a rest.

Monday the 25th Stephen had a CAT scan to determine how his tumors have responded to the Stem Cell Transplant.   Tuesday, we had an appointment to get the results.  Great news!  All of his lymphnodes/tumors (the tumors are inside the lymphnodes) have responded to the treatment.  The report only listed a couple of the tumor sizes and they were only 8 mm.  He has, during different periods of time, had tumors that were 5-9 cm in size.   The report listed that all tumors were smaller and that the tumors in his abdominal area were significantly smaller than the previous scan.  This is great news because it is a  response in all areas of his body.  His Graft vs Host Disease is almost completely cleared up.  It started on his head, behind his ears.  It has made its way down his body and is now only on his shins and the bottom of his feet.  The doctors are going to keep him on steroids for another week and see if it is completely gone by then.  All of his blood counts and organ function appear to be normal.

With this great news, Stephen has been trying to enjoy life, build some muscle, and gain some weight.  He goes to physical therapy 2 to 3 times a week.  He has gone golfing with his grandpa and his father, been to a couple of movies, visited friends at BYU and has loved being able to drive a car again.  He also loves to eat any food.  It all tastes good right now.

Stephen’s mission President, William Nelson, and his wife, returned from their service yesterday.  They are planning a reunion with the missionaries in the Wasatch front on the 13th and they will be speaking in sacrament meeting on the 15th.  Stephen requested that the doctors let him go to those two events before starting his next procedure.   They thought that sounded reasonable and so we think he will be going back in around the 16th of July.  We don’t have any firm dates yet.

I’ll post as soon as we know more.  In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Love to you all.


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Pic 1 -At Brave with Sarah and the little boys

Pic 2- At the fitness center checking out his record on the record board 🙂

Pic 3- Driving around town

Pic 4- Playing Baseball up the canyon at Mutual Dell with Sarah and the little boys

Pic 5- Showing off his nightly dose of anti fungal

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