This is a good sign!

The human body is amazing!  I don’t know how anyone could believe it was created by accident or by some type of evolution from a single celled organism.  We have had a rare chance to see the incredible miracle of healing.  Once the stem cells engrafted in his bone marrow and started producing blood cells, Stephen came back to life. Stephen has been so sick.  Jeff went up to stay with him Thursday night.  That evening Stephen started to feel a little better.  His fever was getting lower and his stomach was feeling better.  The next morning he woke up and told Jeff that he was feeling pretty good.  He decided to get on the exercise bike and was looking at the breakfast menu.  Just then, the doctor walked into the room.  “Well!  This is a good sign.”  she said with her jaw dropping to the floor.   “I take it that you are feeling better?”  Only the day before when she saw him he was laying in bed with a fever and could barely drink fluids.  He has improved each hour since then.  He still has tiny purple dots all over his body from the engraftment syndrome.  It will slowly fade over time.  He lost a lot of muscle and strength this week and so his job now is to build up his strength, eat food and stay well.  I stayed with him last night.  He slept most of the night unless he was having a hiccups episode.  Once he started feeling better, his hiccups came back!  They are so annoying because they are the big kind that hurt.  It seems like they started once he started eating food again.  Who knows.  This afternoon we were doing our walk down the hall for exercise and the nurse asked him if he would like to go outside.  He about jumped out of his robe and mask!  She unhooked his tubes and he walked away from his IV Pole.  “Look how far away I am from it!”  he said.  I forget that the pole has been within 3 feet of him for 20 days now.  We went down the elevator and walked around the hospital gardens for a few minutes.  He sat on a bench and rested and felt the sun on his face.  It was a very happy moment.   After we went back to the 8th floor, he told the nurse that he was temped to AWOL while he was out there.  It was a great moment for him.  He can almost taste the freedom from the hospital room.  Hopefully it will be motivation for him to work hard on moving, eating and being more independent so he can come home soon.  I’m sure glad I get to be his mother.  Thank you Jared, Sarah, Stephen, Jennie, Nathan and Josh for letting me be your mother.  Thanks Maria Jose for letting me be your Suegra.

About Jane Griener

I am from SLC, UT. I grew up in a wonderful family in the south part of the Salt Lake valley. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I married my best friend, Jeff Griener when we were 21 years old. We have 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. I've had many adventures in business and life. Too many to tell about in a simple 'about you' spot. My life is centered around my family and they are the most important factor in my life. I like gardening, photography, cooking, knitting, graphic design and lots of other things. I speak a little spanish. Fall is my favorite season of the year, but I think having all 4 seasons is what makes me love fall so much. Religion plays a big roll in my life. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Striving to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and become a better person each day is my goal. Well, that is a bit 'about me!'
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4 Responses to This is a good sign!

  1. dukedaughter says:

    I loved this, everything about this, what a wonderful Mother’s Day gift from your outstanding son. You and Jeff and raised and continue to parent amazing children, your faith and theirs inspires me daily, thank you so for sharing!

  2. juanny says:

    jane.que lindo y agradable saber ,que stephen se esta recuperando de apoco,y ustedes como familia esten viendo cada dia un progreso ,se que el saldra adelante y no tengo duda de eso ,ademas el es una persona especial ,y depende mucho de el que siga asi.bueno al igual quisiera saludarte en este dia de las mamas y que junto a tu familia pases un lindo dia,saludos a cada uno de mis sobrinitos gringuitos,y en especial a ti y mi hermano ya que han sido y seguiran siendo una familia especial.siempre los recuerdo
    y no los olvidamos de ustedes.besos,abrazos y muchos cariños.juanny

  3. Gwen says:

    We also loved this post and to hear about your amazing son’s progress so far. We love your family and the example you have been to us for so many years. It is a blessing to call you friends and live near you! May Heavenly Father continue to watch over you all and give you strenth and may you always remember that we are ready and willing to be of help if needed at any time. The Seeleys

  4. Kris Olson says:

    So, so glad he is feeling better!! What a relief!!

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