One battle won – Stem Cell Collection

The Apheresis Machine at work.

Well, Stephen and I are relaxing in a luxurious room at the LDS Hospital tonight.   Stephen is breathing a great big sigh of relief that the stem cell collection process is finished and he is almost recovered from it.

Friday through Monday he received a shot of Nupagen each morning.  The Nupagen makes your bone marrow produce extra stem cells.   By Monday he was feeling a little achey but mostly he was feeling like he had the stomach flu.  Monday night we came to the hospital for his first shot of Mozabil. This drug causes the bone marrow to release the stem cells into the blood stream for collection.  He was feeling really sick by the time we arrived at the hospital and was soon throwing up.  They gave him fluids and left it up to him if he wanted to spend the night in the hospital.  He decided not to.  So we went back to a hotel for the night.   The next morning we returned at 7 am to get another nupagen shot and to begin the collection process.  After labs and testing of this kind and that, they started the Apheresis process to collect the stem cells.  It took until 2 in the afternoon to complete.  He was continuing to feel really sick.

This is Stephen speaking now, I stole the computer from my mom.   After we finished collecting all my stem cells, I continued to throw up every hour or so. They tried just about all the anti-nausea drugs they could give me, but nothing seemed to work.  They decided that they better admit me to the hospital for the night. So eventually I got a room to stay in for the night and they gave me some medicine to knock me out so I could get some sleep. I slept pretty well considering.  I started feeling a lot better this afternoon and I had some chicken noodle soup and drank some Gatorade. Sadly, the Jazz game wasn’t on any of the channels on the TV in my room so I just watched the score updates at the bottom of the screen on ESPN.  Looks like they won, so all’s good. I’ll still be spending the night here in the hospital even though I feel good.   They just want to keep me captive as long as they can I guess. I’m sure I’ll be released sometime tomorrow afternoon. But it’s not so bad in here.  I’ve got a cafeteria menu and I can order whatever I want, whenever I want. Too bad I’m not feeling very hungry after having thrown up for the past 2 days.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have appetite.   It’s been good practice staying in the hospital to prepare me for my bone marrow transplant. I’ve got the DVD  player figured out and we’ll see if I can get them to get the channel that the Jazz games are on…we’ll see.  The nurses and CNAs have been extremely friendly and helpful.  I guess it won’t be so bad staying here for a few weeks.  Thanks for all of your love and prayers. It means so much to me and my family .

Love,   Stephen

…. Aren’t tag team blog posts the best?! This is Sarah, and I am not at the hospital with my mom and Stephen. I have hijacked this blog post from my apartment in Pleasant Grove to make a little addition. After reading the above information you are all probably wondering what I was wondering this afternoon , SO NOW WHAT?  After many a phone call to Stephen and my mom, I finally have the low down on what comes next.

Now that they have collected enough of Stephen’s stem cells to complete both transplants, they are going to test these cells to make sure that they are healthy. This involves testing for any type of bacteria or disease that may be found in the cells. The process takes anywhere from a week to 10 days. After they are sure the cells they have are good healthy cells, Stephen will be admited to the hospital to start the Stem Cell transplant process.

That is as much as I know at this point, and we will keep you all updated on how things turn out. Again, thank you all so much for your love, faith, and prayers. They are felt and we know that they are helping Stephen and our family get through this.

xoxo- Sarah

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7 Responses to One battle won – Stem Cell Collection

  1. Diane Kiser says:

    I just read this update to Ben. He said that he has been thinking of Stephen and wishes him well. His faith and prayers are with you, Stephen. We love you. – – – Diane Kiser

  2. Brent Woodcock says:

    One battle won, so now on to the next!! Good job Stephen and Jane!!

  3. Kate Landro says:

    Way to go Stephen!! Your East Coast Cousins are Cheering for You! Can’t wait to see you this summer! Hang Tough! the Landros

  4. Julie says:

    Stephen is such a rock star! Yay for getting this next step completed. I spent this weekend with my good friend, who had the same kind of cancer as you (diagnosed at 21) and also did a stem cell transplant. Today she is a mother to 4 and an AMAZING woman. We know you will get through this, and keep you in our prayers every day!

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