I.C.E round #2

Stephen began his second round of ICE therapy last wednesday.  He handled it really well.  He went in for 3 days of chemo and each night he received an infusion of fluids at home.   He had a slight irritation of his kidneys and so they had him come in on Saturday for an infusion of some extra medication that helps the kidneys.  He also got his shot of Nuelasta on Saturday.  The Nuelasta makes the bone marrow start producing more than normal.  This helps the blood counts recover from the chemo.  Last time this made his bones ache for about a week. This time they had him take Claritin (yes the allergy pill) for 2 days before the shot and 2 days after. For some unknown reason, this helps the bones not ache.  So far it is working!  I wonder who figured that out?!  He had very little nausea and has just been gaining his strength back.  He went to church on Sunday and on Monday he was dressed up as Aang, the last airbender, and was all ready to go trick-or-treating with Josh!

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One Response to I.C.E round #2

  1. N.Judd says:

    So glad you shared this blogspot with the Ward family in the Nov. newsletter. I didn’t know it existed and am so glad that I can keep updated on Stephens progress. You are in our prayers Stephen as is your family. We understand your plight as you know. You look wonderful and it was a joy having you visit us on Halloween night. Thankyou so much for dropping by. May the Lord continue to be with you and bless you and yours in this very trying time of your life. We love you!
    The Judds

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