He has been bald before…

Stephen headed off to Chemotherapy this morning with our Dad. Here is a picture of him at the hospital during his Chemotherapy treatment.

As you can see in the picture, his hair is really starting to thin out and we are anticipating it being mostly gone in the next few days. Lucky for Stephen, he has a cute little perfectly round head! And… this won’t be his first time being bald! Back when Stephen was little, he would shave his head a couple times each year for the State Championship Swim Meet.

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2 Responses to He has been bald before…

  1. Jeff Griener says:

    Great post Señorita!

  2. Bojidarcka Jimenez Salazar says:

    Que bella familia Jeff!! los chicos han cortado su pelo…ahora todos en cadena solidaria con su hermano….los amo y me siento muy feliz de ser amiga vuestra, UN EJEMPLO DE FAMILIA!!!! dios les bendiga siempre….

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